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Birthday,Olympic announcement, enjoying life

Today my team and I flew down to Vancouver for our Official Ski Jump Canada Olympic Team announcement. 

It was such an amazing experience having my family and friends there for me. I was presented with the official team Canada jacket, did a speech on behalf of my team as well as help unveil the official team Canada Olympic ring that Tek had made for the 2014 Olympic Games. Being one of the first to see the ring and being the first athlete to put it on my finger was such a priviledge.

This whole experience today finally got me a bit nervous for the Olympics, but I am going to use these nerves during our last training camp here in Whistler. 

I am so excited for the Games and can not wait to walk into the opening ceremony with Canada on my back.

And if you all didnt know, yesterday Jan25 was my birthday! I dont know about you but getting my Olympic ticket is the best birthday present I could have given to myself :)

Also my family came together and we had a nice dinner, for dessert my mom had a custom designed cake ready for me. I am so happy to have such a supportive family as well as friends.


SportChek invited me to the store to do a send off party! I was so happy and so grateful for all the support they have given me. They even made a big sign that they will have at the entrance of the door at the Crowfoot location. 

Thanks to everyone! I could not be where I am now without each and everyone of you!

WE made this happen, and I will do my best at the Olympics to make Canada proud!

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